It's officially time to break out our puffer coats, because temperatures have dipped to negative degrees, and snowstorms have hit many parts of the country. While shrugging on your coat may not sound exciting, it's a practical solution for those who are cold.

If you're looking for a new winter coat, we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of stylish ways to style your puffer and make it look cute! Have you noticed this Jennifer's body jacket is newly introduced which you should consider in your winter wardrobe?

Fashion is a major component of pop culture, and each trend repeats itself after a decade with a touch of contemporary ness keeping the originality intact. Jennifer’s Body, which aired on Fox in 2003, was an excellent example of this phenomenon. The show told the story of a high school girl who was possessed and an expert at killing male friends. But nothing can stop fashion and its upgrade.

If you find yourself struggling to get excited about this coat, we understand. As far as coats go, it's less fashion-forward than many others. But there are plenty of ways to make this puffer your best friend, so you don't have to sacrifice style in order terms. You just need a little bit of style inspiration.

The puffer jacket, Megan Fox Jennifer’s Body Puffer Hooded Jacket, is made of fine quality parachute fabric with a viscose inner lining for relief. The most prominent features include a wide collar with a front zipper closure and rib knit cuffs with perfect fittings. Two inner and two outside pockets provide you with the desired storage space.

A puffer coat can make an outfit more dynamic, but you have to choose the right pairings and accessories. Here are some amazing outfit ideas that show how to wear Jennifer's body jacket. All it takes are the right pairings and a few key accessories to turn even a sleeping bag-like coat into an outfit.

Styling ideas.

With leggings,

A Puffer coat and slim-fitting bottoms are a match made in heaven during the winter. A simple combination, Jennifer's body puffer jacket can be worn over everything from casual knitwear to tailored pants or skirts. Depending on which pieces you choose, there's potential for the look to remain casual or dress it up. For example, a mid-length option styled over cozy leggings is a classic outfit idea that will keep you warm against that winter wind.

With accessories,

Even if your puffer coat is plain, you can make it look sharp by adding a checkered scarf, neon beanie, or fuzzy muppet hat. All of these Winter accessories will help you draw attention to your style.

For a coat with a blocky silhouette, adding accessories helps make the coat look more refined. Layer necklaces under the top of your coat to create focal points throughout your outfit. Wear a belt around your waist to cinch it in at the waist and give your look an extra boost of sex appeal.

To coordinate your puffer coat with your outfit or accessories, choose complementary accessories. If you're not feeling coordinated with your puffer coat, you can match your accessories. The simple puffer jacket will never go out of style and can stay in your rotation for years. Style your version with an all-black outfit to create a sleek and classic look.

With sweatshirt,

Isn't boring like wearing the Jennifer body white jacket simply? If you are a fashion lover your main concern must be a funky and unique outfit.

An oversized sweatshirt is a cool, casual way to wear your puffer. The hood will peek out from under your jacket, looking a bit of interest. This style can be thrown on and go, perfect for day-to-day wear.

If you do not like the thought of wearing a traditional puffer coat, you can trade it in for a puffer vest and still keep your outfit warm. It is the best compromise between an overcoat and a jacket and will still keep you warm.

With skirts,

Puffer season does not mean that anyone is giving up their favorite dresses and skirts. Pairing these items with a big coat creates a striking contrast. The same can be said for a laid-back puffer combined with a billowing maxi, which is a winter-friendly combination. If you want extra warmth, then style your outfit with knee-high boots with a shorter puffer jacket so that your skirt and boot will be highlighted.

With your casual dress,

Coordinating your puffer coat with the outfit you're wearing underneath can make for a fun and easy look. Whether vibrant or neutral, don't worry about making it a perfect match — different shades within the same color family work.

Cozy appearance,

Although many of us are ready to say goodbye to our cozy fits, it is not yet time to break up with our basics just yet. A plaid shirt and sweatsuit go together like peanut butter and jelly, as does this look—whether you're heading out for brunch or going for a run. 

Whole outfit guide.

  • A Jennifer's body jacket and green leather skinny pants are essential if you're dressing for the office. To add elegance to your off-duty wardrobe, wear a pair of black chunky suede oxford shoes.

  • For a fun, fashionable look, try pairing a puffer jacket with an orange tie-dye maxi dress. You can add some height to your ensemble by wearing black suede lace-up ankle boots.

  • The relaxed, casual look is easy to prepare and can be worn with anything, helping you look on-trend without spending too much time digging through your wardrobe.

  • To create a stylish, contemporary look, pair a puffer jacket with pink dress pants. If you want to instantly smarten up this ensemble by adding one item, complete it with black ankle boots.

  • This outfit is well-executed and yet still casual enough to wear on a night out. Add a pair of black loafers to this ensemble for an extra dose of sophistication.


One of the best investments a woman can make is in her wardrobe. If a woman owns beautiful clothing that she loves and takes care of, she will feel great about herself. When your daughter covets your clothes and takes care of them, that’s when you know you’re a super cool mom! Now if only she could give you her perfect skin.

Just grab these outfits and enjoy your winter, with Jennifer's puffer jacket.