Another Korean series, Money Heist, has been added to Netflix this week. This follows the success of Korean series like "Squid Game" and "All of Us Are Dead". In the streaming service's non-English top ten charts, "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area," a Korean adaptation of "La Casa de Papel", the hit crime series from Spain, has topped the list.

It has quickly become one of the hottest shows in 2022, and its popularity is continuing to grow. If you're a fan of the show and enjoy fashion, you might want to check out Money Heist Korea items for apparel and accessories.

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Even before the premiere of Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, people were waiting in great anticipation. Recently released for streaming by Netflix, the Original Money Heist from Spain (La Casa de Papel) made the list of most-watched series, won the International Emmy Award for best drama series in 2018, and even got a green light for a Korean remake: Money Heist. Korea - Joint Economic Area has launched the first six episodes. The story is set shortly when the present-day Joint Security Area between North and South Korea has been converted into a Joint Economic Area.

Money Heist joins a list of other popular Korean TV shows on Netflix and becomes one of the reasons to be interested in Korean actors. The show currently holds the number 1 spot on the charts, along with other Korean shows like Business Proposal, Squid Game, and All of Us Are Dead. This critically acclaimed crime drama is directed by Kim Hong-sun and written by Yong-Jae, Kim Hwan-Chae, and Choe Sung-jun. Starring Kim Yunjin, Yoo Ji-Tae, Park Hae-soo, Lee Won-jong, and Park Myung-hoon.

Outfit Collection of Money Heist Korea.

Many types of heists exist, and the robbers mostly surrender themselves to the cops after failing. Money Heist, however, is different. It has more twists and the police are always two steps behind.

Money Heist: Korea not only took those millions from the banks, but they also stole the hearts of their fans with not just their performance but with their tactics and in regards to tactics and planning, no one can beat The Professor in that. The other things that stole the fans' hearts are the stylish and glamorous outfits of the cast.

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What's most impressive about Money Heist Korea, a crime drama action series is the costumes of the characters. There is a lot of hype surrounding this series because of its talented cast. Money Heist Korea Red Jumpsuit Costume is one of the most admired outfits from the series. Featuring top-quality cotton fabric, it has a black color zipper closure and a hooded collar.

It is available in different online stores. In addition to this, a viscose lining is also present inside to keep you warm and comfortable all day long. There are belted sides to ensure a better fit, while pockets on the bottom provide functionality.

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Getting a money-heist Korean look is as simple as a Tahoe Mask, a red jumpsuit, and some boots. You can get this disguising yet thrilling look from Money Heist Merch. Main outfits and outerwear from Money Heist Korea merchandise include Money Heist Raquel Leather Jacket, Tokyo Red Leather Jacket, EI Professor Bomber Jacket, Vest, Hoodies, T-shirts, Red jumpsuit, and all other outfits.

Money Heist Merch is for everyone who adores their craft. With money heist merchandise, you get to revamp your wardrobe and update it with a badass character look. These outfits from Money Heist Korea are made from 100% leather which makes them quite comfy and easy to wear. All these items are unisex so everyone can avail of them whether you’re a guy or a girl.

Mask with the meaning.

The overarching message of Money Heist is the disparity between the wealthy and the poor in a capitalist society. In a society where wealth, money, and elites are considered more important than anything else. For their series, the team donned red jumpsuits and Salvador Dali masks that had a deeper meaning.

For K-drama, the masks are redesigned with the Hahoe masks. The masks in the show symbolize a time in Korean history and their social mindset with the ladder of hierarchy.

Most burning questions.

Aside from fashion, the most burning questions about the Money Heist Korea that are going around are: Are Money Heist Korea and the original Money Heist series linked? or are they completely different stories?

So, la Casa de Papel, which was created by Alex Pina and won International Emmys, was one of Netflix's biggest international hits, launching the careers of its stars. The Korean remake sticks fairly close to the original, with some key changes.

Money Heist Korea is set soon, in a time when the Joint Security Area of North and South Korea has turned into a Joint Economic Area and a symbol of unity. Even so, tensions between the two have waned. Though the impacts of unification largely resulted in the abuse of migrant workers, one professor gets disillusioned and comes up with a plan for a heist to make everybody involved wealthy.


A hit in Korea, Money Heist Outfits has taken the internet by storm. Demand for show merchandising has prompted a large variety of offerings. Ranging from jackets to handbags, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of the show or simply looking for a gift, these Korean show outfits are sure to be appreciated.

As the remaining six episodes of the show are set to approach, and the heist crew's beliefs that their actions are honorable and good: do you think the end will justify the means?