“Iman vellani” is a Pakistani-American actor portraying the character of “Ms. Marvel” in the web series Disney named “MS MARVEL”. She is the die heart fan of avengers and captain marvel so she did remarkable acting in the whole series and the Ms. Marvel outfits she wore were up to the mark, everyone loves these. I hope you are loving Kamala khan. Ms marvel is expected to be loved by everyone because of its script, characters, costume, and great direction.

Ms marvel has many characters and we all are inspired by them by their looks and the outfits they styled in the series. Some of them I have gathered to let you add to your wardrobe and style your daily outwear.

The series stars Iman vellani, Sagar sheik, Aramis Knight, Matt Lintz, Rish Shah, Mohan Kapur, and Zenobia Shroff. All of these made the series a great success and their costumes are the most wanted that we all want to have in our daily routine. Ms. Marvel Outwears are inspiring as well as beautifully designed for today's fashion world.

“Kamala Khan”

“The  main lead character”

She is a student and grew up in Jersey City. She was inspired by captain marvel and one day she found that she has superpowers like superheroes whom she has admired her whole life. Moreover, she is admired by her fans because of her outfits and her elegant personality.

Kamala’s jackets.

Here are some Kamala outfits that you would love to wear.

Kamala is spotted wearing a super classic jacket. Like a green cotton jacket with soft viscous inner lining, the jacket is featured patches on the sleeves and arms.

A purple jacket that features a stylish shirt collar, front button closure, long sleeves, and a warm snug feeling is just what you want to keep your body warm.

Ideas to style kamal’s jackets.


If you style Ms. Marvel's purple jacket with a light blue pure cotton T-shirt then you’ll definitely look like Ms. Marvel. If your T-shirt fabric is cotton and comfortable then it is good for you to style it with a pair of joggers. T-shirts must feature half sleeves and a relaxed fitting so that you'll be comfortable while wearing them.


If you have watched Ms. Marvel then it is impossible that you haven't noticed Kamala's pendant yet. It gives Kamals a simple girly and elegant look. A pendant features a green emerald that makes her personality bold.


Kamala is holding a backpack with her to carry her useful things. When you are riding a bike carrying a purse or handbag makes life difficult. When you carry a backpack you can keep your essentials in it like headphones, speakers, mobile, and power bank. The backpack with shoulder straps made it easy to hold. The bag has one main compartment and then many small portions to keep your things safe in it. 


Kamala khan is wearing a red helmet when riding the bike. The helmet is made of plastic from exterior and interior material and is soft to touch with your head and keeps you safe from any shocks in road accidents. If you wear a red helmet with a jacket then you’ll definitely look the same as “Iman Vellani”.


To style Kamala's jacket wear them with skin-fitted black jeans. The straight pants always give a roomy fitting and super cool look to the outfit. The jeans have a front zipper and button closure. 

If you want new attire then wear them with bell-bottom jeans so that your look will be new and stylish.

Kamala's hoodie.

Kamala's hoodie is a Ms. Marvel costume hoodie, wear it if you want to look like Ms. Marvel. The hoodie features front zipper closure and a hooded collar and a Ms. Marvel logo on the front. Hoodies have ripped sleeves with a combination of red and blue.

Just want to hide your personality the same as Ms. Marvel then wear an eye mask which is made of polyester, the eye mask fits everyone easily because of the elastic present with it.

How can we forget gold gauntlets? If you want a complete Ms. Marvel to look then accessorize your wrist with this. Ms. Marvel's gauntlets that she is wearing in the series are made of stainless steel with gold plated over it.

As you all know kamals is a Pakistani- American artist, and it is a culture of Pakistan that the ladies of Pakistan wear scarfs with their dresses. Kamala did the same in the series; she wore a red dupatta. The dupatta is made of chiffon fabric which is lightweight and easy to carry, the red dupatta perfectly matches a Ms. Marvel costume. You can simply hold it in your arms or can wear a scarf to cover your head.

Kamala’s denim jacket.

It is winter and we forget to style denim. It is impossible. Watch how smartly Kamala is wearing a denim jacket in Ms. Marvel. An easy and quick way to get ready when you don’t have time to style your wardrobe, then wear denim with any colored t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Literally, it is enough for you to keep yourself warm and maintain your fashionable figure.

How to style a denim jacket?

It is not difficult to style a denim jacket because denim can fit in every shirt or pants. We just have to consider whether it is suitable to wear denim in too cold a season because denim doesn’t give too many warm sensations. 

When considering Kamala's denim jacket then wear it with dark blue or black Tees and with matching pants then you’ll be ready to give everyone a bomb look.

Other celebs.

Ms. Marvel has a number of characters the directors have appointed Pakistani as well as Indian actors in their web series. They styled themself with the most stylish pair of clothes like the Nimra Bucha jacket is in great demand. Her brown leather jacket is new in town and gives major fashion goals for 2021.

Mehwish Hayat and Fawad khan's attires are super cool, if you add them to your wardrobe then they’ll give you diva looks. 


 In the end, I would like to mention that you’ll look astonished if you add any of these attires to your wardrobe. They’ll definitely add beauty to your personality and enhance your appearance. choose the best and carry an impressive look.