The bomber jackets have been a part of your fashion culture for the longest period. Despite these years, this attire is still around and is probably one of the most worn pieces of attire that everyone likes. This couldn’t be possible without the versatility of this chic outfit. Bomber Jackets is the name of a vast range of styles to choose from, making it an outfit for everyone. Bombers are the inheritance of our US military, and this uniform base outfit used to be worn by the fighter pilots in the early days as the insulators for those altitudes. Its fashionable looks of it made all that possible.  

This military-based attire took over the fashion industry by storm; still to date, it is the most beloved outerwear by many fashions devotes. More than half of Hollywood can’t live without a bomber jacket. You can easily spot a bomber jacket or two in any movie, sitcom, and even TV series. Simu Liu wore one in a superhero movie and that Shang chi jacket became the outfit of the film. The fame of this outfit has been possible because of its versatility. Making it an essential outfit to have in your wardrobe if you want to look fashionable and attractive at the same time. So let’s take a quick dive into the styles of the bomber jackets and how you can wear this outrageous attire to be at the best of your looks.

OG Bomber Jackets!

Let's kick it off with the origins, of OG Bomber jackets, also known as the B3 Bomber Jacket. This attire was the ever first to be seen by mankind, a part of the Air Force fighter pilot’s uniform, and later on, was adopted by the civilians since then this attire has evolved a lot and still is a part of our community and many more. This 1917’s creation is an amazing attire to consider if you are a patch lover as it shines its vintage look when some sorts of patches are a part of it, whether they are of any kind. The main purpose was to provide warmth to the pilots at higher altitudes making it an amazing storm breaker and perfect for cold seasons.

Shearling Bomber Jacket

While being a part of the US Navy’s uniform, this jacket has evolved a lot, as the shearling was added to the outfit when the weather becomes hard to be handled with just leather. Nowadays, we have seen many celebrities wearing this outwear off and on-screen like Tom Hardy and so many more. This particular piece of attire is one of the very few that are almost a century old but one wearing these is hard to look at in a crowd. For such places where the weather is very harsh shearling bombers are irreplaceable because with this you aren’t just going to be protected from the weather but your statement look is going to be compliment-able. The timelessness and attractiveness of the Sheepskin Bomber Jacket make it one of the essential items to be a part of your closet. 

Varsity/College Jacket

While talking about the uniforms, let’s look at a style called “varsity jackets” or “baseball Jackets” as it carries American origins to it. It is known as the college jacket as it is the style worn by almost every athlete of every high school with the patches that represent their school. We all have seen this in your school and in many movies, especially the web series one in particular, “ 13 Reasons Why”. Series is something that has the most practical apparel, but what was amusing was to see the jacket from Shang Chi. Making it a perfect reason to go for this outfit if you are a fan of that astounding series. 

Semi-Formal Look

Nowadays, bomber jackets are worn at some fancy parties or informal occasions. With the right combination, you can easily rock this timeless merch to your workplace every day without being worried about the formal code. The easiest way to work around this jacket is to wear a white shirt, throw a black leather jacket on top for pants to continue the black theme, and finish it off with a nice pair of white sneakers. Even the most modern attires of such sort as the Shang-chi jacket can work flawlessly with this trick. That’s why this simple and sleek combo is the oldest one in the book of fashion.

Last but not least!

To end it all, this amazing attire with such a history has done extraordinary well. The main and the most important reason to have a bomber or even the Shang-Chi leather jacket in your wardrobe is to make your casual look astonishing. Whenever you are going to rock this attire, you will turn some head around with the right choice of combination