It is not wrong if I would say that Stranger Things is everyone’s favorite show since season 1. The good news for all of the Stranger Things fans is that a new season 4’ has come with a vast collection of thrill, action, vivid characters of wardrobe, the bright 80s style we all love, and more improved chemistry of characters. I am hoping that you all have watched ‘Stranger Things 4. If not yet then what are you waiting for?, just go to Netflix and clear up your evening.

The amazing part of the series is that not just the storyline amazing but the characters will linger in your mind. The 80s Americana style of fashion will stay in your mind whether you finished your series. Outfits from Stranger Things really stuck in your mind and you get a desire to add them to your wardrobe.

All four seasons give inspirational outfit ideas to add to the wardrobe and looks chosen from. Whether you want a date night hopper look nancy pink sweaters or even an 80s glow-up eleven’s look. You just have to grab the idea of how you can recreate the look of these characters without much effort.

Eleven. (The most loved character).

“Friends don't lie”.

Eleven is the pillar of the series. The whole series depends on her. She is not just a boss person but she made all of us learn a lot of things. She made honest rules in friendship “friends don't lie”. With all of these quotes she is giving major outfit goals and she wore cool dresses. Take an example of the red coat she is wearing in season 4, the cool appearance and snug feel give all comfort needed in winter. Stranger Things outfits include eleven’s jacket which is the most wanted in the town. You can wear it with knee-length socks with white sneakers in your everyday life. Her exceptionally 80s rompers in season 2 can elevate your look when you wear a pink leather jacket and a pair of colorful joggers.

NANCY. (The most stylish girl).

She is the most fashionable girl in the series. She carried all simple and comfy dresses with charm. Nancy brings life to 80s fashion. She has good taste in everyday looking. She wears a leather jacket and boots, and her colorful combination of outfits gives major cloth goals to your girls.

STEVE. (The most stylish boy).

Steve maintained his style throughout the series. He showed his wealthy background through his personality and his outfits. He is the favorite babysitter and handsome boy in the series. Steve's grey bomber jacket can be worn as a one-of-a-kind style outfit. Even I liked him personally. Steve's brown leather jacket and his accessories in season 4 are a brilliant combination to get in the wardrobe. Get ready to style like him and don't forget to copy his hairstyle too!

Max Mayfield.

Max was the new character who came in season 2 from California. She wore a brown leather jacket in season 4 to give aesthetically cool looks to her fans. She also wears a blue-yellow color zipper jumper making her look elegant. Her wardrobe is cool throughout the series that can be easily recreated.

Max provides us with a wardrobe we can only dream of.

Dustin. (The sweetest of all).

Dustin is one of the most loved and sweetest characters in the series. His cosplays are in great demand because they are simple and conspicuous. In every season he is found in simple pants or shorts with a matching T-shirt and a hat. He gives all of us simple but cool looks in the whole series. His looks give all of us major summer holidays looks but if we add denim jackets to his T-shirts and a pair of Jordan or joggers then they’ll all be set for winter attires.

Lucas Sinclair.

This season a brown boy, Lucas, wears a hoodie which is superb to wear in winter. He wears a crew neck jumper, green track pants in his outgoing, and a graphic T-shirt with his blue denim jackets. A classic 80s look that you can style again. The white jumper that he paired with green pants is all set for a night out with friends. 

Eddie Munson.

He played the character of the owner of “HELLFIRE CLUB”, this character is portrayed by ‘Joseph Quinn’. He appeared in season 4 and was basically a short-lived character. He is seen in simple Tee in the whole season 4. His complete dress code of him is a simple white shirt with a hellfire club logo, a denim vest, ripped black jeans, and trusty-born Reebok sneakers. His simple white shirt was inspired by a real D&D club shirt. When on hot summer days, a simple cool Tee is comfortable to wear. 

The outburst of fashion from stranger things 4.

Stranger Things has a number of characters in it with major roles. They are following the 80s fashion which is not common now but they gave all of us a major fashion sense and modernized outfits to wear every day. 

In the end, if you wear any of the jackets, or shirts from the series you will look elegant for sure. It is very simple and easy to recreate all the characters' looks, even in summer and winter or spring, and autumn.

Have fun!

While keeping aside the Stranger Things-inspired outfits I have learned a lesson from the gathering of these characters.

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