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What we Bring

It is the quality and time that we take care of in our procedure of shipment and dispatch. We at  Top Celebrity Jackets take orders online and pass it to our warehouse administration, which either arrange the order from the stock or place it for new making. Our warehouse administration points are located in different UK and US locations. Both UK and US are the main hub for order placing. However, the website is the base of taking all orders online and passing next to further shipment procedure. It is on time delivery and quality of procedure that worth matters to us, as that is what drives our relationship with customers. 

The Procedure

We are here to admire the customer satisfaction and that it is to make the product available at the earliest possible. It usually takes 8 to 9 working days to make a jacket available in hand of a customer. This includes 4 to 5 working days for manufacturing and inventory and possibly 3 working days for delivery through an international courier service. We take into account the fastest of the courier services like DHL, Fedex and SkyNet.

Ready-made orders take less of time, as they only need to ship or been dispatched, and possibly takes 3 to 4 working days to get it hand over to the customer. So the time of delivery also 
depends on the type of order one has placed.  

The Price we Offer

Valuing our customers we bring a price of shipment that is indeed satisfactory. For UK, USA and Canada it takes nothing for shipment and dispatch. However, we try our best that our customers receive their orders on time and with the price they expect us from. Import duties or any other additional taxes are to be checked by the customers while placing orders, as such duties are all excluded in our basic price offer.

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