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What is is an online shopping search engine that helps shoppers search products and compare prices from Pakistan’s most trusted online stores. Think of us as Google for shopping!

What products can I search at

Almost all genuine leather, cow, sheep and faux leather items.

Do all sites on offer cash on delivery?

Yes, all sites on offer cash on delivery. We understand that cash on delivery is an extremely popular payment method in Pakistan. Hence, we only add sites that offer cash on delivery across Pakistan.

Who do I pay when I make a purchase? does not take any payments from online shoppers. We are a search engine that helps you discover products and compare prices. For purchases, shoppers are redirected to the original site of the product where payment is made.   

Why is there a need for

Pakistan’s largest online store sells between 400 - 500 products. Simply speaking, online shoppers in Pakistan do not have sufficient choice. Additionally, helps shoppers compare prices for products across trusted sites that also saves them money! 

How many products does currently have? at the time of launch has more than 100 products. This number will increase significantly as we continue to add trusted online stores to our index. 

I love, how can I help?

Please tell your family and friends about us, like our facebook page and share the site on your social media pages to help us spread the word!

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