Privacy Policy

Under the International Internet Privacy Act, the TopCelebrityJackets is bound to keep the

private and personal information safe and secure. We assure the safety and protection of the

private information of users at all levels of exchange and transaction through our site. We make

sure that our users are processed with safe and secure purchases on the site, with no breaching of

their private sensitive information shared. It is like we keep shields around their private

information to protect it from all possible third party access. This is the responsibility we keep

concerning to the aspect of privacy policy.

Personal Information at

The site asks for the basic personal information which includes the buyer’s name, billing address,

contact, e-mail, and postal address etc. This is all to process the purchases made by a single

buyer or group of buyers. Mostly, the follow-up of the order is made through email and with late

response, we approach to buyers phone or contact mentioned. We avoid marketing or promotion

through emails, until and unless our buyers has subscribed for weekly or monthly newsletters

through email. This is the basic exchange of information we make with our valuable customers.

 Financial Information at

The does not record or store financial information as that is left to

acquire by our reliable merchants and retailers. These merchants address the information through

effective security management systems, ensuring to restrain any possible access to user private

and personal information. It is made sure at all levels that the information is entirely used for the

purpose, and that is to drive the safe purchase and transaction.

 Changes to the Privacy Policy reserves the right to change or modify its privacy policy in occasions.

To reduce your worries regarding how your information is being used here, we suggest you to

check our privacy policy regularly.


For further queries or recommendations regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at: