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Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Leather Jacket

Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Leather Jacket
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Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Leather Jacket
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Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Leather Jacket

The smart, confident and stylish Sylvester Stallone is a known Hollywood star icon who really inspired his lovers when appeared in “Rocky II”, an American sports drama film released in 1979. Besides his influential role in the movie, another most aspect that appealed all his fans is costume he wore in the film, the Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Leather Jacket. And now, this smart Hollywood jacket is available for you at very reasonable price.
Come to some unique and appealing features of this stylish jacket. This Eye Of The Tiger Jacket is made from genuine cowhide leather. When we say genuine, then it is absolutely genuine. The best aspect of our leather material is that it makes this elegant Celebrity jacket a long-life attire and even you can wear this outfit for the entire life very confidently. Another appealing feature is this Black shade of Rocky Balboa jacket, and nobody can deny the value of this color because this color has the strong potential to make even a boring personality very smart and charming. As in the original movie jacket worn by the smart Stallone, we also added the original embroidery tiger face and even nobody can say it is a replica. In fact, we’ve highly competent designers who made this attire absolutely original.
This last jacket has indeed become one of the best selling brands even during the last few months. Whether you wear this attire while riding on the bike, in a formal event or in an informal one to have a casual style, you can confidently wear this Rocky Balboa Eye Of The Tiger Jacket, and in fact you’ll be only one who will influence others in the event with this fashion piece.
Don’t miss this appealing jacket and buy Rocky Balboa Jacket at right now!

Jacket features:

  •     Black leather handmade
  •     Genuine cowhide leather
  •     Embroidery tiger face

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