Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

-34% Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

Who don’t know the smart and sexy ‘Margot Elise Robbie’, an Australian actress, who played a wonderful fictional super villain role of Harley Quinn in an American superhero and blockbuster film ‘Suicide Squad’ released in 2016. She looks beautiful in a costume now called the ‘Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket,’ Margot really inspired all her lovers including us. Therefore, we present this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket as the latest jacket at very lowest price now. Quinn Harley Jacket is all those girls who want to be look like Margot and make a lasting and strong impression on others, especially boys.

As in the original one, we designed this fantastic Hollywood jacket from the premium quality of satin fabric, and its best feature is that it enhances the life of this attire. What makes this women jacket really attractive and beautiful is off course its two shades, blue and red, through which you will feel you’re a celebrity, and why not; after all this stylish jacket has really transformed the personality of Margot in her film ‘Suicide Squad’.

Other features of this celebrity jacket are sewn coating inside, along with fully ribbed sewed base finest stitch, long sleeves, and perfect neckline. Moreover, the button we used for front closure is of the best quality. The pockets are same as in the original movie jacket, which are slide-in vertical pockets. Harley Quinn Jacket is indeed a stylish outfit for all your entertaining events. If you really want to engage guys in your personality, there is no option except Suicide Squad Jacket.

So, buy Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket at at the price that is very competitive and affordable for you.

Jacket Features:

  • Motivation: Movie "Suicide Squad." 
  • Character: Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn jacket
  • Performing artist: Margot Robbie 
  • Produced using Satin Fabric 
  • Shading: Red and Blue 
  • Sewn coating inside 
  • Ribbed sewed base stitch, sleeve sleeves, and neckline 
  • Front Zipper Closure 
  • Full sleeves 
  • Slide-in vertical pockets 
  • Brilliant coating on shoulder and arms 

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